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We provide a range of unique security services for private and corporate clients.

We are a trusted and loyal team of qualified, licensed, and highly experienced consultants.

We understand real world threats, and how to deploy bespoke security measures to mitigate security risk and keep clients safe.

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We know the importance of acquiring actionable intelligence to allow strategic decisions to be made.

Marengo is trusted by private clients, family offices, and businesses to provide clear information from which they can make timely decisions and achieve results.

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We use a range of surveillance techniques, the latest technology, and the most experienced operatives, to find critical information for our clients.

Our consultants can operate, write, and brief clients to the highest standards, ensuring clarity throughout every project.

Edward Nicole Copy

Edward Nicole

Founder & Managing Director

After serving as a Reconnaissance Officer in the British Army, Edward Nicole worked for two leading international security and intelligence companies.

Frustrated at a lack of professionalism in the industry and a culture of backhanders and kickbacks, he founded Marengo with the backing of his former employers. Edward wanted to show that security companies can be honest brokers and provide the level of service that discerning clients require.

​​Marengo offers a service that combines expert advice with individual client needs. It delivers comprehensive, thoughtful solutions to complex security and intelligence problems. This means clients can enjoy a better, more reliable, more secure lifestyle.

Edward is a Certified Security Management Professional who advises some of the world’s most high-profile family offices, law firms, conglomerates, and sports companies.

Matt Davis 2

Mathew Davis

Operations Specialist & Security Advisor

Matt brings extensive experience and deep strategic insight to Marengo. With over 30 years of distinguished service in the Metropolitan Police, his experience in covert policing, counterterrorism, and high-level armed security strengthens Marengo’s capabilities in addressing complex security challenges. His collaborative work with UK Special Forces and the MoD, particularly in combating organised crime and terrorism, means he is well-positioned to advise HNWs, family offices, and corporates.

Matt played a key role in establishing the Counterterrorism Operations Centre (CTOC) and is a specialist in command and control. He planned the security for numerous high-profile London events, including protection of the Royal Family. He commanded many of the recent armed policing operations in London including the Platinum Jubilee, President Biden’s state visit, the late Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, and the largest ever: the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Specialisms in covert surveillance, hijack, siege, hostage rescue, close target reconnaissance, and advanced driving make him an asset to Marengo and its clients.

What our clients say..

“What truly sets Marengo apart is their willingness to exceed expectations. Their tailored approach aligns perfectly with our specific goals and challenges”

Chief of Staff, Family Office

We are impressed with your resourcefulness, clarity, and attention to detail; and look forward to working with Marengo on many future projects”

Family Lawyer

“Our client made a point of saying how thoroughly pleased she is with Marengo…rest assured, you are now our default security provider”

Private Client Lawyer

“We really appreciate the clear guidance you have given us […] and for being so responsive whenever we need support”

Super-prime Property Manager

Marengo’s punctuality and availability ensures our security concerns are addressed promptly and reliably. Their unwavering integrity and trustworthiness provide us with utmost confidence in their recommendations and advice. They are always at the end of the phone and incredibly proactive in their contact”

Director of Operations, Family Office

Why we are different…

  • We understand client risk and the importance of reputation

  • We are independent and solely represent the client

  • We provide clear, intelligent, and trustworthy solutions

  • We provide security without the ego

  • We garner trust and respect client privacy

  • We offer unrivalled expertise, care, and professionalism

  • We are a partner you can trust every time


Our security services are tailored around the unique needs of our clients. We are a team of accredited security professionals offering close protection, protective surveillance, RST, and physical penetration testing, among others.

Our team can protect you, your family, businesses, assets, or property. Every individual and set of circumstances is different. We have a unique understanding of security risks, and apply a range of technical, physical, and holistic methods to mitigate them.

Our team also offers a range of consultancy services, including site and property security reviews, contingency and response planning and family office security management.

Surveillance & Investigations

From covert surveillance and private investigations to TSCM and vehicle tracking, we provide a complete range of effective surveillance or investigative solutions across the UK and abroad.

Marengo has significant experience working with HNW individuals family offices, law firms, and corporate clients; providing ground-truth and actionable intelligence.

We aim to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and will deliver solutions safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We work closely with our clients to find the information they require.

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