Covert Surveillance

Marengo is a leading provider of security, intelligence and surveillance solutions.

We work with corporate, commercial, and private clients worldwide to offer expert covert surveillance.

Contingency Planning from Marengo SIS

Services Include

  • Static surveillance
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Field surveillance
  • Desktop surveillance
  • Night time surveillance

Covert surveillance can be a compelling method of finding concrete evidence to support an investigation. We use proven and ethical surveillance techniques. We complete all projects with diligence, attention to detail, and discretion.

Our team works with law firms, housing associations, property developers, corporate clients, local authorities, and other clients who wish to uncover the truth about uncertain situations.

Why choose Marengo for covert surveillance?

Our operatives are highly experienced, conscientious and quick thinking. Our team can work effectively within local laws and is equipped to deal with a wide range of situations. We will always abide by legal frameworks so the evidence is always useable for legal proceedings.

We are responsive and can work around the clock to deliver what you need. Drawing on our extensive track record, our team is equipped for every type of situation, from fraud and theft surveillance to false insurance claim surveillance. Our client’s privacy is of supreme importance, and we approach every case with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

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