Private Investigations

Marengo provides a range of discreet and inexpensive private investigations across the UK and abroad.

The objective of any private investigation is to acquire the ‘hard-to-gather’ information or evidence that will allow the client to make an informed decision or take an appropriate action.


We work for clients across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, including:

  • Law firms / legal (solicitors and barristers)
  • Commercial sector
  • Private sector
  • Family offices
  • Insurance (underwriters and brokers)

Our private investigations are conducted by experienced investigators from military, police, and intelligence backgrounds, using the highest ethical and legal standards.

As important as acquiring the intelligence that the client requires, is the method in which it is collected.

We know that our clients’ reputations are fundamental to their future success. We therefore, never act in a way that may compromise their reputation.  

All investigations  are conducted with utmost discretion, ensuring our clients’ reputations are never disputed.


Investigations are carried out for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Divorce
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Asset tracing
  • Asset tracking
  • Competition
  • Anti-fraud
  • Loss prevention
  • Copyright infringement
  • Intellectual property
  • Drug trafficking
  • Trade secrecy
  • Anti-piracy
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Employee misconduct
  • People tracing
  • Pattern of life

Our bespoke private investigation services are delivered with the highest levels of professionalism so that we can offer actionable intelligence and evidence. We operate in the UK and globally, and everything we do fully complies with the UK General Data Protection Act 2018.

Our service is comprehensive and can include covert surveillance, vehicle or asset tracking, due diligence requirements, risk threat analysis, and other intelligence solutions to provide a bespoke package of private investigative services tailored to your requirements.

Our service not only delivers the intelligence you need to make informed decisions, but we can also provide bespoke consultancy and advice. We work with corporate clients, compliance teams, law firms, and private individuals.

Why choose Marengo for private investigations?

Our experienced and discreet operatives have over a decade of experience providing bespoke security, intelligence, and surveillance solutions. We leverage a range of investigative tools and techniques, including surveillance, asset and vehicle tracking, human intelligence and other best-practice approaches to deliver what our clients need.

Our professional intelligence and private investigations services draw on experience across the industry, so we can help our clients gather evidence and fill in information gaps that are vital to dispute resolution. We also offer invaluable knowledge and insight so our clients can make informed decisions and avoid regulatory issues.

We can undertake investigations across a range of jurisdictions. We can work alongside in-house forensic and legal teams. Our team is flexible and can start projects at short notice.

Highly skilled and trusted

Our consultants are all from military, police or intelligence backgrounds. We conduct enhanced vetting and pre-employment checks, regular training, and only used operatives with substantial experience.

We understand risk and the importance of safeguarding our clients’ reputations. We always strive to get the required information, but will never do so if there are negative implications for the client.

Our written work is excellent, meaning that you will not have to invest your own time in editing or rewriting intelligence reports; as is our oral English. This means that you can trust us to attend important and confidential meetings.  

Our consultants have worked across many industries and understand that the nature of our clients’ requests will differ.

Our team delivers a service that is thorough, accurate, and will always provide you with informed assessments of the information we have found, not just the raw data.

All of our investigations are carried out with the highest level of discretion and integrity. We have the ability to scale rapidly and can offer bespoke solutions. Our experts can help you to build a clear picture, to bring disputes to a rapid conclusion.

All of our private investigations are supported with detailed written reports and comprehensive oral briefs, where necessary, in accordance with our client’s needs.


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