Security Management

We help our clients prepare for, and respond to, potential security risks.

Contingency Planning from Marengo SIS

Services Include

  • Strategic reviews of current contingency plans and procedures
  • Response planning
  • Business continuity planning and management
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Crisis training and management


Our corporate services include:

  • Security risk assessments
  • Security threat and vulnerability assessments, audit, and gap analysis
  • Post-incident investigation and support
  • Crisis management expertise
  • Advisory and expert witness

Our approach helps our clients to shape and reinforce their security function; infusing resilience into their core business operations. Our dedicated security consultants are strategically embedded within their organisations, working closely with their teams on-site. This approach allows us to seamlessly integrate security into the fabric of their organisation, without impeding growth or stifling innovation.

We provide our clients with well-defined security plans and procedures that serve as a solid foundation to prevent, navigate, and recover from crises, security incidents, and disruptions to business continuity.

Private Clients and Family Offices

We work with private clients and family offices to make their lifestyles secure. We manage all aspects of their security for them, so they can relax in the knowledge that they, their family, and their assets are being actively, appropriately, and proportionately safeguarded.

Our objective is to keep clients secure without impeding their lives. Our consultants understand each of our clients has their own individual sense of taste, risk tolerance, and security requirements, and we manage our approach accordingly.

The typical services we offer family offices and private clients include:

  • Property security reviews
  • Residential penetration tests
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) / bug sweeps
  • Close protection
  • Event security (wedding, parties, AGM, birthdays etc.)
  • Vehicle GPS tracking
  • Mobile phone tracking
  • Worldwide security app
  • Country risk reports
  • Contingency planning
  • Medical training
  • Security awareness training
  • Cyber security training


Why choose Marengo for Security Management?

Our experienced security consultants have a depth of experience in providing security and incident management support. We can help to develop plans to manage and respond to security emergencies and incidents. Our expert consultants will always offer a viable approach to ensure your organisation’s safety, security, and resilience.

We are well-versed in the latest and most cutting-edge management and contingency trends. We can work with clients across a broad range of industries using an innovative, intelligence-led, and collaborative approach. We operate throughout the UK and globally, and are recognised for our ability to evaluate and upgrade security capabilities and solve complex issues.

Our precise and transparent plans are designed so a swift return to normal operation after any event can be achieved. They will follow best practices and specific industry guidelines.

Exercise planning

Do not face an unforeseen situation unprepared; your team needs to be well-versed in organisational emergency response plans. This can help team members understand their responsibilities and roles.

Our team deliver a broad range of expertise, and we can provide exercise planning and workshops aimed at all levels. These exercises can be strategically delivered to test plans and improve cooperation and decision-making. They can involve everything from simple training or tabletop activities to creating realistic scenarios that impose enough pressure on a team to simulate a real-life situation.

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