Security Reviews

We review, assess, and design security systems for houses, country estates, and commercial sites.

Security Reviews

Services Include

  • Private house or estate security review

  • Business, office, or commercial site security review

  • Security gap analysis or audit

  • Tender, project management and implementation

  • Security planning and design
  • Pre-purchase advisory

  • Real-time risk monitoring

Every organisation needs to safeguard the security of its people, reputation, and assets. High-profile and high-net-worth individuals need to ensure the safety of themselves and their families. Marengo’s  security risk consultants expertly review residential houses,  corporate offices and commercial sites to design a comprehensive and proactive approach to mitigate security risks to an acceptable level.

Our bespoke security reviews mitigate risk and ensure that your security risk management aligns with personal or organisational culture, business objectives, and budget. We help our clients understand more about their security provision and how it can be routinely reviewed.

Our comprehensive security services allow you to feel confident that you family, employees, properties, assets, and operations are appropriately safeguarded.

As well as existing buildings and operations, we can advise clients during the planning stages of construction projects and throughout any construction lifecycle to prevent the increased cost of retrofitting security infrastructure.


Why choose Marengo for security reviews?

Our security consultants have over a decade of experience delivering detailed security assessments and reviews. Our unrivalled expertise, insight and operational experience allow us to provide security consultancy services based on the needs of our clients.

Our intelligence-led security solutions help our private and corporate clients take a proactive view of security so they can understand the threats to which they are exposed, current and future vulnerabilities, and how to best mitigate risk through the use of appropriate security infrastructure. 

We complete detailed surveys looking at areas, systems, and operations that could be improved to optimise security. This will reduce the risk of harm to people, property, assets, data, reputations, and information.

We work for clients in the UK and abroad and will consider any location-specific political, economic and industrial challenges. We can always provide tailored advice so you can make informed and balanced decisions.

We save our clients money by managing equipment providers; preventing them from selling excess, inadequate, or inappropriate security infrastructure.

Private Residences

Our independent security consultants provide bespoke risk reviews and consultations for homes and private residences. They conduct threat reviews, vulnerability assessments, and comprehensive risk analysis, allowing us to advise you on the best physical, technical, and procedural security measures to implement. We also save money for our clients by preventing unnecessary upselling by equipment providers.

We work for private clients across the UK and worldwide to create prevention and detection programmes. We will identify threats, weaknesses and vulnerabilities before assessing the most effective solutions. This may include key security measures, such as perimeter control, CCTV, access control, intruder alarm systems, and panic rooms.

Our consultants recommend proportionate and tested security solutions. We will ensure every aspect of your new security plan works in harmony, and does not detract from the internal or external design of the property.

County Estates

We manage the security for some of the most high-profile country estates and stately homes in the United Kingdom.

We conduct a security review of the main residence, estate buildings, gardens, and grounds. We assess the existing security, identify the vulnerabilities, and design a security plan which will mitigate security risks to a tolerable level. This includes an assessment of the physical security (doors, windows, locks, gates, barriers, fences, bollards etc.), technical (CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, radio communications etc.) and procedural security (operating procedures, security policy, staff training, incident reaction, CCTV monitoring, patrolling etc.) of the estate.

We manage the implementation of new security infrastructure, and we provide training to estate employees, tour guides, and the principals, to ensure they can react to security incidents as efficiently as possible.

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