Technical surveillance countermeasures

Marengo conducts technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) inspections (“bug sweeps”) to find covert eavesdropping devices that have been illicitly installed into houses, offices, boardrooms, or vehicles.

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Services Include

  • Electronic eavesdropping detection

  • Anti-surveillance services
  • Covert and wiretap camera detection
  • Technical security
  • Communications security

Commonly called bug sweeping, counter eavesdropping or illicit eaves-dropping detection, we provide specialised services to clients in the UK and abroad.

TSCM inspections are conducted to ensure our clients’ confidential conversations are not being listened to by covertly installed devices. Such devices can be covertly installed into offices, houses, or vehicles by threat actors, to eavesdrop on confidential matters.

Our TSCM team comprise former government officials and special forces operators who have specialised in TSCM at a state level.

We work with our clients to ensure we conduct TSCM inspections at a time which suits them; minimising business or family disruption.

In addition to the TSCM, we provide our clients with a comprehensive written report, including identified security vulnerabilities, and recommendations for additional security measures, to ensure their security risk is mitigated to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

When and how often do conduct TSCM inspections?

Private Clients

Marengo usually provides annual or biannual sweeps for private clients, or following a specific incident in which a client wants assurance that they are not being listened to.

Corporate Clients

We generally conduct quarterly bug sweeps for our corporate clients, and prior to meetings of specific importance or confidentiality.

What does a TSCM inspection comprise?

A TSCM comprises a visual and physical inspection, and a technical sweep of a premises.

During the visual and physical inspection we search for areas, voids, locations, furniture or fittings that could be used to conceal an eavesdropping device; signs of tampering of electrical equipment; and for the presence of devices such as key stroke loggers or scanners.

The technical survey includes:

  • Radio frequency searches
  • Radio Frequency spectrum surveys
  • Thermal-imaging searches
  • Mains and data monitoring

We can identify existing security breaches and potential weaknesses and recommend where to enhance your security. All recommendations are based on proportionate and cost-effective solutions to form an integral part of your security management.

  • Electronic eaves-dropping detection
  • Anti-surveillance services
  • Covert and wiretap camera detection
  • Technical security

Why choose Marengo for TSCM services?

The pursuit of information is a threat to many people and organisations. Modern surveillance devices are highly advanced. They can also be hard to locate. Our dedicated team of specialist surveillance professionals are extensively trained and highly skilled. We work at the cutting edge of new technology and remain familiar with the latest developments in the countermeasure technology field.

Our operatives use the most advanced equipment available, and we are constantly evaluating new equipment as it becomes available so we can maintain our competitive edge. We aim to stay one step ahead of this fast-moving area.

A discreet and confidential service

Marengo  offers the highest levels of discretion, and all information remains confidential.

Examples of locations where we carry out TSCM inspections include business offices, such as boardrooms, trading floors, meeting rooms and conference rooms, corporate and residential apartments, private or executive residences, vehicles including cars, planes and yachts, hotel rooms, and off-site locations.

Following the identification of an illicit device, we will investigate its origin and time of installation; and remove and disable it.  

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