Travel Security

Marengo manages the security and logistics required for our clients’ busy international travel schedules; to allow them to enjoy leisure time, or focus on their business.

Many of our clients spend much of their time travelling, for business or pleasure. We ensure their safety during international travel, often to high-risk jurisdictions.

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Services Include

  • Travel and country risk reports
  • Fully trained security drivers
  • Secure ground transportation and local bodyguards
  • Close protection officers
  • Emergency evacuations and repatriations

Our clients and their families – including diplomats, high-net-worth individuals, executives, celebrities, commercial businesses, and others – are generally exposed to greater security risks due to their profile and international schedule.

We coordinate all travel logistics and collaborate with local operators and providers to ensure our clients’ safety, in hostile and remote locations.

We provide a comprehensive service including travel advice, country risk reports, and pre-travel security training.

Our country risk reports contain information on the following categories:

  • Country overview
  • Security
  • Travel
  • Medical
  • Terrorism
  • Operational
  • Political
  • Regional information

Adaptable and discreet, our travel operatives understand the sensitive nature of working closely within the family or corporate environment and are always proactive and helpful.

We work with clients across many countries, industries, and cultures, and work with a network of trusted local transportation providers and security personnel.

Why choose Marengo for travel security?

At Marengo, we can provide customised solutions relating to travel, accommodation, transport, and location. So, whether you are a private individual who requires a 24/7 security presence, a VIP searching for a security service for a journey, or a corporate company looking for security solutions, we can help.

Traveling to unfamiliar or high-risk countries can be an overwhelming experience. However, once your travel plans are confirmed, we offer a tailored solution to ease your concerns.

Our team will generate a detailed and personalised travel risk report, thoroughly assessing potential security risks specific to your destination. Reports include recommended routes for your itinerary, designed to mitigate security threats effectively.

To ensure accurate and comprehensive risk intelligence, our reports analyse data from various sources and monitor news outlets in multiple languages. Additionally, we leverage local knowledge and intelligence networks to obtain a precise understanding of the on-the-ground situation. With our meticulous approach, we provide you with the necessary insights to navigate your journey confidently and enhance your safety.

Corporate travel security

It is essential for companies to fulfil their legal and ethical obligation to ensure the safety of their staff during work-related travel. Failure to do so can result in legal and financial repercussions if incidents occur.

At Marengo, we offer solutions to assist organisations in maintaining compliance, mitigating travel risks, and enhancing business resilience.

Our comprehensive security protective and consultancy services are designed to safeguard your staff, enabling them to concentrate on their work with peace of mind. Additionally, we provide expert guidance on implementing robust travel policies and procedures, ensuring the safety of your employees while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

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