Close Protection

Marengo provides specialist and bespoke close protection services. Our personal security and risk mitigation services are designed to protect high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, business leaders, diplomats, VIPs, and other high-profile individuals.

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Services Include

  • Personal protection officers and bodyguards
  • Close protection officers
  • Protective surveillance
  • Personalised security risk assessments
  • Security recommendation, planning and advice
  • 24/7 operational support

We take an intelligence-led and proactive approach. Our close protection teams adapt their posture to the prevailing threat environment and the principal’s requirements.

We work closely with our clients and their household staff in the preliminary preparation phase and conduct detailed planning to ensure the security suits the needs of the client, their family, and their routine.

We conduct threat assessment and risk analysis of your properties and provide security policies and operational procedures specific to each project.

We provide services in the UK and overseas, and for domestic, hostile, and maritime locations. Our discreet team have worked in some of the world’s most challenging security environments, and we support clients with complex international lifestyles across multiple jurisdictions.

Why choose Marengo for executive protection?


We ensure that we employ the most experienced, dependable, and highly skilled close protection officers and security drivers in the industry.

The management team has daily communications with our close protection teams, we continually review their performance, and happily respond to client feedback.


We take great pride in our recruitment strategy to ensure that we have the best close protection officers in the industry. They are all SIA licensed, DBS checked, vetted, and interviewed.

We provide a range of candidates for each client and allow clients to make the final decision following our recruitment process. This is because we know that every client has their own personal requirements and preferences.


Our teams can vary in size to fit the requirements of the client and can increase or decrease the size of a close protection team at short notice, such is our depth of talent.


The management team hold industry-leading security qualifications, giving our clients the confidence that they are receiving the best possible security services.

Our close protection operatives conduct regular training to ensure they are at the top of their game.

Personable and Presentable

Our consultants are respectful, personable, and presentable. They understand that clients expect excellent manners from the security team.

We are loyal, discreet, and honest. We understand that the modern close protection officer is required to get involved in a litany of household tasks, and work closely with other household staff. We are not brash or bullish.

Range of Services

Our services include residential security, protective surveillance, and personal security. Our close protection operatives can seamlessly blend into any lifestyle and corporate environment with ease.

We can operate as overtly or covertly as our clients wish, and we are known for our expert levels of reliability and attention to detail.  

Manned guarding: Protecting people and premises

We provide security for residential, business and commercial properties, building sites, and assets across multiple sectors. Our personnel are fully trained, licensed and accredited to protect against damage, theft, unauthorised access, or anti-social activity.

Our guards are employed to prevent intruders or threat actors from accessing our sites. In addition, they provide an essential meet-and-greet services, record visitor details, manage CCTV, conduct foot patrols, and other services such checking for leaks.

As well as protecting staff working alone or in high-risk areas, we can guard empty properties.

Our operations can protect against flood damage, prevent accidents from happening, and reduce the use of unnecessary resources. This should give our clients ultimate peace of mind that high levels of safety and security are being achieved at all times. We are available for short-term or long-term assignments, and at short notice.

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